Meeting Adam Curry (2014) - THE PodfatherI’m Ray Ortega and I host The Podcasters’ Studio and Podcasters’ Roundtable. Both shows are podcasts about podcasting. I also run a YouTube channel primarily focused on audio and video production.

I launched my first podcast in early 2007 (Produce Picker Podcast) a video podcast about how to select and prepare fresh fruits and vegetables. The goal of the show was to learn how to podcast while at the same time share some of the tips and tricks I had learned while working in the produce industry.

In 2009, I created The Podcasters’ Studio to share what I had learned while producing the Produce Picker Podcast and to teach myself audio-only podcast production. Podcasting quickly became a full-time hobby and eventually my job.

One year earlier I was hired by a D.C. based non-profit to help produce their successful and quickly growing podcast network.

At work, on location is Colorado, filming podcasts. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend the last ten years producing both audio and video podcasts full-time. I like to say I’m a hobbyist podcaster turned pro. In other words… I have my dream job.

I can be found on twitter answering podcasting and video related questions while sharing resources and info related to audio/video production that I find interesting. Feel free to look me up and ask a question. Or just say hi!

Other places you can say hi include instagram (my favorite), facebook, and YouTube.

And while it takes most of my free time to be a content producer, these days it all takes a backseat to hanging out with my number one fan… my daughter.

However, I’m raising my own production assistant so the content should only get better and more frequent in the coming years!;)

DaddyAndLI appreciate you taking the time to get to know me a little better. If you want to find out more, I was honored to share my story on the various podcasts listed below.

Oh yeah and there’s that one time I sat down at “the big table” and Leo said he knew who I was. It’s true, watch the video! #dreamin;)

Stay well!






Thanks for the Interview!

If you prefer to read instead of listen check out these blog interviews:

I look forward to meeting and chatting with you wherever we find each other!


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